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Except where otherwise noted, the content by PolygonCollectibles is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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It's actually free?

Yes, all the designs are free to use for cosplays or personal use without any charge.

Patreon vs non-patreon models

All the models are free to download, but Patrons have early access to models and changes, since they're supporting my work, they can ask for changes or updates, but, eventually every design it's going to be released for free.

I own a 3D printer, can I sell my prints?
No, you can't sell our designs on any platform, but you can send us an email to ondemand@dev.polygoncollectibles.com since we have plans to create a list of people who can Print the models for people who doesn't own a printer.
I'm a Cosplayer, can I use your models?
Yes, absolutely yes, we encourage that and we would be honored of see our models on any expo, but please use the hashtag #polygoncollectibles or any other way to tell your followers about us.
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